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    Italian translation services for the Publishing Industry, Technical Translations, Revision of Translations, Localization, Transcreation, Negotiation Interpreting, Linguistic Assistance and Copywriting.

Linguistic Services

As a freelance translator and interpreter I offer professional linguistic services which are accurate and of high quality. I translate texts with care, always looking for the “right word”, the most suitable language for sectors, target public, readers and so on. I believe that the interpreting is a bridge among companies and people as well as different cultures. It is fundamental to be able to understand even the smallest nuances of a speech to communicate in a correct and satisfactory way.


The technical translation is my specialty whereas the literary translation is my passion. Thanks to my long work experience in commerce and industry, I can quickly and with precision translate technical texts in various fields, commercial documents, marketing and advertising texts, web sites, financial and legal documents. Through various collaborations and spurred by some of my personal interests I can translate with accuracy and passion, not only technical documents, but I can also translate for the publishing industry, magazines and blogs, about visual and performing arts (sculpture, design. contemporary dance), dogs, tourism and fashion Regarding literature, I preferably translate crime novels and romances, set in the Regency and Medieval times, (I recently attended an ongoing course for professionals for the translation of romances) as well as non-fiction and e-books. Considering the last seminary, I attended, I would like to include in my specialization the translation of scripts of fiction and non-fiction.

Revision of translations

Upon request I can revise translations made by others, to check its validity under any point of view, carefully comparing the source and target texts and where necessary make the required changes.


When to translate a document is not enough to render it suitable for the country to which it is destined or when you want to present a product to a foreign market in a more effective way, it is necessary “to localize”, that is to communicate your message adapting it to the tastes and the culture of the target market (for example the conversion of the unit measure, or the hackneyed phrases and the ways to address people). Through my knowledge of commerce at a worldwide level I can help you to make yourself understood at the best and to convey your message and your ideas in an effective and persuasive way.


Or the creative translation, often used in advertising and fashion. If, for you, the most important thing is that message of the source text remains unaltered while its effect on the reader is the same, without requiring that the text is precisely translated word by word, then, this is the type of translation that you need.

Negotiation interpreting

The interpreting service for bilateral meetings or small groups of people, normally used at the exhibitions. Having worked in commercial offices for many years, I took part to many meetings with customers and to various international exhibition in Italy and abroad either as interpreter or as area sales manager of a specific market. Thus I know very well that in order to conduct a successful negotiation an efficient interpreter must, not only be formally correct in interpreting from one language to the other but also capable to understand those linguistic nuances which are useful to communicate, and eventually to mediate in a discreet and respectful way among people with different cultures.

Linguistic assistance

Do you want to write or phone to someone but the different language is a problem? You can contact me and I will take care of your needs, translating your commercial and private correspondence, calling up your contacts to fix appointments, book hotels etc. Thanks to internet I can even assist you as interpreter during conference calls with your foreigner customers.


Do you want to up-date the texts of your web site, to revise their translation, or you are looking for someone who can write or translate new texts? According to your requirements I can write new original and effective texts, even SEO, customized for your web site, I can write the text for your catalogues, specifically aimed to your target public or customers, or I can revise and up-date your texts so that they can better represent your company, your products or the services that you offer.


  • Commerce and Finance (agreements and contracts, letter of credits, offers and tender, international norms

  • Generic business documents

  • Marketing / Advertising (brochures, catalogues, web sites, company presentations)

  • Visual arts (sculpture, painting, design, photography)

  • Metallurgy

  • Oil and Chemistry industry

  • Mechanic

  • Handbooks (technical specification, installation, use and maintenance instruction)

  • Quality Control and Certification (as CE, TUEV, DB)

  • Legal (procedural documents, articles of attorney)

  • Human and civil rights

  • Dogs (training, breeding, competitions etc.)

  • Veterinary medicine

  • Tourism

  • Fashion

  • Photography

  • Fiction and non-fiction scripts

  • Translations for the press

  • Translation of historical romances (Regency and medieval ages)

  • Translation of non-fiction

  • Translation of e-books

  • Translation of blogs

Language combination

English < > Italian

German > Italian

Spanish > Italian


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