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    I'm a freelance and Italian mother-tongue Translator and Interpreter. Ready to work in different types of companies and fields: finance, international norms and certifications, marketing, advertising and translations for the publishing industry.

About me

I am a professional Italian mother-tongue Translator and Interpreter. After having worked for many years in private and public companies, in commercial offices constantly trading with foreign countries, I decided to make of my passion for translation my unique profession becoming a freelance translator. To work in different types of companies and fields allowed me to improve my capacity to translate technical texts in fields such as metallurgy, mechanic and oil and chemistry industry. Operating in offices dealing with foreign customers, authorities or sister-companies, gave me the opportunity to acquire an extensive expertise in translating texts about commerce, finance, international norms and certifications, marketing, and advertising, legal documents and many others I can offer an effective and excellent service of localization and negotiation interpreting thanks to a direct knowledge of the foreign markets through the continuous contact with foreign customers and authorities worldwide, and my participation to international exhibitions and business negotiation, either as sales manager for a market or as interpreter.

Through various collaborations in the fields of visual and performing arts I can add to my specialization texts and translations for web sites related to sculpture, painting, design, fashion and contemporary dance. Some of my personal interests gave me the possibility to translate about travels and tourism, dogs, human and civil rights (I have been a volunteer of Amnesty International for some years). The editorial translation, particularly the literary one was my first love and, banally, the one I cannot forget. It motivated the choice of my studies, together with my interest in foreign countries and cultures. In my case, to take up this kind of translation, it is just a natural consequence of my fondness for reading and literature as well as my work experience in the publishing industry.

For these reasons I put myself up as a translator of crime novels, historical romances and non-fiction works about visual and performing arts, dogs, human and civil rights. When I was asked to write texts for a web site for the first time I immediately accepted, taking up this new challenge with great enthusiasm. I received very good professional feedbacks thanks to my experience in marketing and my endless curiosity which led me to read and to be up-dated about the most different topics, and inclination for writing. Having really enjoyed this new experience I decided to include copywriting in my services.

As for other jobs also this profession, to be successfully carried on, requires an ongoing training; it is indispensable to be constantly up-dated about many different themes, trying to improve and extend one’s own knowledge, therefore I read a lot and take courses and seminaries; the most recent ones were a seminary about translation of subtitles and scrips, and a professional updating course regarding the translation of romances.

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You can contact me by e-mail, including the text to be translated, when this service is required. If you prefer you can contact me also by phone. I am located in Milano and near Varese close to the border between Italy and Switzerland.

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